If any of the answer is YES, look no further - you can trust Jim-Mike Cleaning Services for all your cleaning and restoration needs.

Total Solution Provider
Jim-Mike Cleaning Services is a total integrated cleaning solution provider with proven track record of timely performance, quality cleaning and competitive pricing. Our expertise not only covers residential and commercial cleaning and complete building maintenance, but also include services in natural stones and tile care, cleaning, maintenance and restoration.
When you choose Jim-Mike, you are guaranteed a quality job that is done by a team of experienced staff using the latest technology and equipment.

General Cleaning

We carry out a range of daily cleaning and maintenance services for commercial buildings and residential homes

External Facade

The external facade of commercial buildings needs to be cleaned regularly to appear new and vibrant. We have a track record for such professional and dangerous jobs

Carpet & Upholstery

We use the most advanced and effective deep cleaning system. Using unique dry microsponges and a brush machine, it is the most effective and quick way

Specialist Services

We believe in training your employees. Well-trained staff ensure your building, facade, flooring and tiles retain its sheen and shine.

Services @ JMS
We provide the following services: 
1.   Contracted daily cleaning maintenance of Office Units
2.   General, initial and annual deep cleaning/move in/out of residential homes
3.   Contracted cleaning for condominium, clubs and office buildings  
4.   Construction clean-up or initial cleaning after renovation
5.   External facade cleaning & windows
6.   Cleaning of chandeliers, ceiling and difficult to reach areas    
7.   Restoration of flooring, walls, pillars and counter-tops
8.   Restoration of swimming pool deck tiles
9.   Steam and/or dry shampoo of upholstery and carpet
10.  Conducting training on cleaning with machines
11.  Providing labour for general cleaning and pantry helpers
12. Sales of Newpro products and hygiene toiletries